Lightweight Hungarian three-seater gets 117mpg in the city!

Hungary is not generally known as a hotbed of automotive development, although Audi does have a factory there that builds many of its engines. A new prototype vehicle from the former Soviet block state, though, provides a very interesting look at some possible future transportation.

The Antro Solo combines some of the best ideas from legendary race car designers like Colin Chapman and Gordon Murray with concepts from solar racers, mopeds and Priuses. Living up to Chapman's mantra of "adding lightness" the Solo weighs a mere 600 lbs thanks to a composite construction. Clever packaging with two passenger seats on either side of a central driver's throne a la Murray's Mclaren F1 are blended with diesel-electric hybrid powertrain. The battery gets some range extension from roof top solar cells and pedals for the passengers. Antro is targeting an $18,000 sticker and 117mpg city/157mpg highway specs. With those kinds of numbers, this could be an X-Prize winner. Unfortunately, the carbon fiber body alone is likely to cost more than $18k and, at 600lbs, passing any kinds of safety standards anywhere in the world is going to be nearly impossible.

[Source: AutoFiends]

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