UQM introduces new 125kW electric motor

UQM Technologies has announced a new 125kW permanent magnet electric motor system. The motor system is developed specifically designed for automotive applications. The 125kW rating is the peak power output while continuous power output is 60kW. The 11 inch diameter motor has a peak torque production of 221lb-ft with a continuous 118lb-ft rating. UQM developed the motor for use in subcompact cars with electric drive. The packaging has been optimized for those cars that can't fit the UQM's existing 150kW motor while still providing good performance. The new motor only weighs 90lbs. UQM was originally tapped to be the motor supplier Phoenix Motor Cars SUT and SUV. In the second half of 2007, Phoenix decided to re-engineer their vehicles and switched from a rear to front wheel drive configuration with a different motor supplier. So far we're not aware of any manufacturers that have selected UQM for a production EV application.
[Source: UQM Technologies]

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