Podding around Barcelona: Nbown's personal transport concept

Every now and again, a new PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) concept appears. The latest is the case of Nbowm's idea for a PRT system designed for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Spain. So far, the only one PRT that runs in Europe is Heathrow's POD system.

Nbowm's concept is a magnetic elevated rail which can be placed along the central reservation sections in highways. Then mono-seat pods would run without human intervention. Users could be reading the newspaper, watching TV or surfing the net. The system includes a set of stations in which users could leave their cars and use one of the automatic-guided vehicles. Each vehicle would run at a determinated distance from the previous one and at a constant speed.

Pep Valls, project manager states that the project is reasonable because land usage is kept to minimum. They expect to have a testing track ready by 2010. Of course, no mention is made to the source of electricity, the convenience of only individual vehicles and the cost of building such a track. But let's not spoil the idea.

[Source: 20 minutos]

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