Aftermarket parts maker Holley files for bankruptcy

Most of us on the Autoblog team never restored a classic with our dads in the family garage, thus our connection to aftermarket parts manufacturer Holley is somewhat limited. But we can appreciate the mark that this 100+ year old company and its many brands including Hooker Headers, Earl's, Weiand, NOS and Flowtech have left on the performance aftermarket scene. That's why we're sad to report that the company has recently filed for bankruptcy, citing its rapid expansion in the late '90s as the cause for its downfall.
Not all is lost, as bankruptcy for a company in the U.S. just means you get some time to reorganize and pay off your debts, hopefully reemerging as a stronger company in the end. As such, Holley wlll continue to operate as normal for the time being and none of its 390 employees spread across Kentucky, California and Mississippi will be affected. Paying off its debt will likely require the company to give nearly all its equity away to debtors, though those holding notes will only get half of what they're owed if a bankruptcy judge approves the reorganization plan. Thanks for the tip, Tobias!

[Source: Bloomberg]

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