eBay Find of the Day: "Bentley Java" Monte Carlo not-really-a-replica

Bentley Java ConceptThe 1994 Bentley Concept Java (right) was shown in coupe and convertible forms, and it clearly showcases a design language that is in use today on the current Arnage series. eBay, as you're well aware, is riddled with dreck to go along with some of the exotic and interesting cars that cross its virtual auction block. The "Bentley Java Replica" shown above lands in the "dreck" category with a resounding thud. Based (very obviously) on a late-model Chevy Monte Carlo, this particular abomination comes with a delightfully (if unintentionally) amusing item description, which you can read after the jump along with some additional commentary.

Thanks for the tip, Brent!

[Source: eBay]

"$19,900 for the best Replica Ever!! ~ Bentley Java Rolls Royce. Have the $250,000.00 look for only $19,900.00. We built this Replica in 2007 on this 2003 Monte Carlo. The "Sultan of Brunei" bought the real one! And for all you RR Lovers, relax, this vehicle turns Heads all the time, for under $20,000.00 you can have the Millionaire look."

We'll bet that in addition to turning heads, it turns stomachs, too! Seriously, if the seller told us he were trying to build a replica of a Chinese car, we'd actually applaud him for accuracy. But no. Instead, a mere 20 Gs scores you a used '03 Monte with 51,000 on the odo; a couple of Bentley badges; the full J.C. Whitney-look body kit and taillamp covers; and a horrific tumor on its hood. Man, what a steal. (For the seller, that is.) Oh, don't forget the embroidered "winged B" on the seats, either. That'll totally trick people into thinking it's a roadgoing British concept coupe and not some heinously-kitted beater/pretender with no resemblance to the car it supposedly replicates. We can't decide what the best part is -- the fake, misshapen grille mounted to the tumoriffic bonnet, or the fact that the original Monte Carlo badge was simply popped off, leaving the mounting holes behind. The "Millionaire look?" Words fail us. This thing looks like a Bentley in much the same way a Jeep Grand Cherokee looks like a Delahaye 135.

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