Drunk father arrested while driving on Laguna Seca Raceway

When pulled over while under the influence and driving his 1980 Porsche on Laguna Seca Raceway last Sunday around 5:20 PM, John Patrick Krukar told police that he was lost and trying to find his hotel. Well seriously, what would you say? The situation is actually more serious than it sounds, as authorities found Krukar's 5-month-old son riding shotgun in the car with him. The intoxicated man had reportedly reached speeds of up to 90 mph on the track, which had just seen a big weekend of racing including the final round of the 2007 ALMS Series. Krukar, however, is no Dindo Capello. Local police actually implied that this type of thing has happened before, Laguna Seca being so large and apparently difficult to lock down. They booked Krukar on driving under the influence with the added bonus penalty of having a child under 14 in the car at the time. His son was also taken into Child Protective Services, which sounds like the best thing for this involuntary co-driver.
Thanks for the tip, SKL!

[Source: The Californian]

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