Don't believe the hype: Suzuki won't be producing roadgoing rally-inspired SX4

A number of rumors began circulating the Web yesterday that contend Suzuki is in the process of building a homologation special out of its SX4 AWD hatch to take on the WRXs of the world. The idea was that Suzuki would enlist some of the technology derived from its WRC contender and it would form the basis of an "SX4 Sport," likely packing a 200+ HP turbocharged motor, along with upgraded brakes and a suspension tuned by rally savant Nobuhiro Tajima.

We took all this with a grain of salt when it originally swirled around the 'Net, and after some leg work by our friends over at Winding Road it turns out that the "Sport" is purely vaporware. According to a Suzuki spokesperson, the fact that the SX4 is already in production negates the need for a homologation version since the five-door hatch already satisfies the requirements for competition.

That all said, we'd still love to see Suzuki combine some of its rally-inspired tech with its motorcycle background, and with the new Subaru WRX and the rumored Ralliart version of the Mitsubishi Lancer coming to market, it would face some stiff competition for the hearts and minds of enthusiasts.

[Source: Winding Road]

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