Brazil teaming up with Mexico to produce ethanol

The Brazilian minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes is visiting Mexico in order to sign agreements between the two countries that will expand Mexico's ethanol industry. The deal will include technology transfer from Brazil to Mexico and a commercial team-up to expand their export markets, namely the US and the EU.
Brazil's president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will sign the agreement on his visit to Mexico next week, which makes the agreement of the highest level. A high officer of Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture affirmed that "we are even ready to give the technology and know-how for free to Mexico. Together, we can raise the World's interest in this fuel, which is more respectful for the environment."

Brazil is expanding sugarcane plantations adding six million ha to increase the current 20 billion liters that are produced every year whereas Mexico has yet to start, although two facilities have been announced in Nuevo León and Sonora states, able to produce 1,3 million liters from sweet beetraves and sorgum. I guess that using corn is out of the question.

[Source: Agroinformacion]

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