Japanese furniture company creates "wooden supercar"

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While it's certainly true that the cost of raw materials like steel and aluminum is going up, we hope automakers never follow the lead of this Japanese furniture company and start building cars out of wood. Liberally billed as a "wooden supercar", the organic auto is really more a three-wheeled motorcycle or trike. It's a three-seater with the driver front and center controlling the vehicle using a set of handlebars, while a bench seat, or pew for two, is elevated in the rear. We think it's modeled after a pedal taxi, which are about as unrelated to any supercars we know as you can get. It's top speed of 50 mph is also a couple hundred short of the hottest supercar contender, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT that's being readied for another run at the "World's Fastest Production Car" crown. If you have $32,000 handy, you might be able to coax the builder into throwing in one of these with your order for a new coffee and matching end table set, though.

Check out the gallery for more pics and videos of the "wooden supercar" can be found after the jump.

[Source: Japanprobe, Dannychoo via Engadget]

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