Chery to present Riich II microvan at Chang'an Auto Salon

The Chery Riich II microvan is a global market car derived from the Chery V2. The Riich II will debut at the Chang'an Auto Salon later this month, and Chery says that it benefits from a focus on safety, among other things. To try and back up that claim, Chery released the crash test photo shown above (scenario unknown/questionable, so take it with a pound of salt), in which the dummy is refreshingly not in several pieces, impaled by the steering column, or wearing the instrument panel as a hat. This would seem to be a welcome departure from the norm in terms of Chinese cars' crash tests, with recent videos having led us to believe that vehicles made of arsenic and razor blades would be a better bet in a collision than some of China's automotive offerings. We'll reserve final judgment on this one until we see a crash test video on it from one of its destination markets, like Russia. You'll forgive us for being skeptical.

The front-drive van will be powered by an 83-horsepower 1.3-liter engine. In terms of appearance, it looks like a miniaturized ripoff of the Renault Trafic.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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