Drifting towards Darwin

While the parking garage drift scenes in the exceedingly stupid-yet-entertaining The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift made for some popcorn-munching fun, it's pretty much understood that trying to copy them in real life is not a good idea. Unfortunately, good sense didn't prevail for a 23-year-old Atlanta resident (who miraculously avoided Darwin Award candidacy throughout all this), and he decided to make like Lucas Black's character in the movie.
It didn't end well.

Police were called to the scene after he sent his Chevy Cavalier coupe off the sixth floor of the parking complex. The front bumper was torn off the coupe in the process, left hanging midair from damaged fencing that the rest of the vehicle flew through as the impromptu drift exhibition turned into an air show. Appropriately, the trashed Cavalier landed in a dumpster, and the driver somehow wound up in the hospital instead of the morgue. When he gets out, he'll have to contend with a litany of criminal charges, including DUI and reckless driving, that pretty much guarantee he won't be channeling his inner Vin Diesel again anytime soon.

[Source: 11Alive.com]

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