Toyota unveils two updated sedans for shrinking Japan

Toyota may be beating the American automakers at their own game on our shores, but back home, the story isn't as positive. Yes, they are making a heap of yen on the booming microcar segment, but that has been leaving their midsize sedans with declining sales. Apparently, sales numbers for their sedans have declined from 200,000 per month in the early '90s to less than 50,000 per month today.

Interestingly, considering promising looks of the new Allion (pictured above), Toyota execs don't seem to have very high hopes or goals for the updated cars. Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe said he doesn't expect the segment to grow, but he hopes the Allion and Premio will "at least help it from shrinking further." Sales are expected to be 3,000 per month each. Perhaps they are just downplaying the goals so they can say they exceeded them in six months. The two vehicles will be equipped at first with either a 1.8L or 1.5L four-cylinder engine, with a 2.0L on the way.

Naturally, we don't get these new models on our shores, but by all means, Japan, enjoy. See the Toyota press release here. Click the 'Read' link for the article from Automotive News (subscription required).

[Source: Toyota, Automotive News]

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