VIDEO: Ellen gives us latest glimpse of Transformers

In anticipation of its July 4th opening, the Transformers movie cast is beginning to hit the talk show circuit. The first on the couch was Josh Duhamel, who popped a squat on the Ellen show yesterday, played with a couple Transformers toys on stage, and debuted a full scene from the film in which Blackout lands at a military base and picks a fight. Duhamel plays Captain Lennox in the movie, not a far cry from the ex-Navy SEAL he plays on the TV show Las Vegas, we suppose. Not a bad gig for the guy that beat a young Ashton Kutcher in a runway model walk-off (Eat it, Kutcher!).

Check out the scene from Transformers after the jump, and keep an eye on our burgeoning gallery of movie pics below.

Thanks for the tip, Rob!

[Source: Siebertron]
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