New York Times dooms Nissan Altima Coupe before it goes on sale

UPDATE: We've spoken with NIssan just in case, who has verified that car which should be pictured is the Altima Sedan.

This is kind of funny. While reading the New York Times, Winding Road noticed an interesting tidbit in a graph detailing automotive winners and losers. The soon-to-be-released Nissan Altima coupe is tagged as a big loser, with a 12.4% dip in sales. "We don't know how they did it, but the New York Times has seen into the future and the future is not bright for the Nissan Altima coupe," says WR. Of course, the graph is referring to last month's sales, and the new Nissan coupe won't be available until May 25. All kidding aside, the tag says, "Nissan Altima," so it's likely the Times meant the sedan, but the photo is clearly the coupe. Can't be good for a car's self-esteem, being labeled "Biggest Loser" by the NYT before you even hit the market, but the car looks strongs enough to get over it and still succeed in the market place.

UPDATE: We chatted with Nissan, who confirmed that the sedan was indeed the car that should have been shown in the Times graphic, and not the forthcoming coupe. - Ed.

[Sources: NY Times via Winding Road]

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