Legendary Toyota promoter, Jim Moran, dies as Toyota hits #1

On the same morning that it was announced Toyota had passed GM as the #1 auto seller in the world, one of the men many believe to be responsible for that achievement passed away. Jim Moran became a billionaire as the founder of JM Family Enterprises of Deerfield Beach, Florida. He was also a legendary car promoter who oversaw the creation of the world's largest Toyota distributor, convincing many that Japanese cars were the way of the future. Moran's company has become one of the largest privately held companies in the nation. Even with various health problems over the years, Moran was still involved with the business until the end. He died on Tuesday at 88 years of age.
The Miami Herald describes Moran as "a Horatio Alger-type figure." He was a self-made man who as a Chicago car dealer was known as "the Courtesy Man.''

Moran's history does include a fair bit of controversy, as well. Allegations of tax evasion and discriminatory practices led him to start programs for troubled youth and to recognize African-American achievements. His daughter Pam had recently stepped down as head of JM, an $11.1 billion company that employs about 4,500 people. Besides daughter Pat, Moran is survived by his wife, Jan; daughter Arline and son-in-law John McNally; and son and daughter-in-law Jim and Wanda Moran Jr.; seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

JM Family plans to hold a private ceremony honoring Moran at its headquarters.

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[Source: Miami Herald]

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