Can't reach your Prius rated mileage? These drivers got almost 116mpg!

We all know that few people ever achieve the mileage displayed on their window sticker particularly if they drive a hybrid. The Toyota Prius is rated at 55mpg but a group of Japanese drivers have managed to get more, much more, than that. A Japanese man named Takashi Toya and his friends go for the max with their hybrids. The group calls themselves nenpimania or "mileage maniacs" modify both their cars and and driving styles to wring every last mile out of every drop of gasoline.

Toya has regularly managed to get 79mpg or more by blocking the grille openings, hacking the ECU and driving barefoot. In order to get maximum sensitivity in his throttle control, Toya presses the accelerator only with his big toe. He accelerates up to 29 mph and then glides down to 25 with the engine off. A woman from Akita prefecture has managed to squeeze 116mpg from her Prius.

[Source: Chicago Tribune via Engadget]

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