Geneva Motor Show: Stola Phalcon coupe

Not terribly much is known about the Phalcon coupe debuted by a company called Stola that's based in the Italian town of the same name. It's powered by a BRABUS-tuned biturbo V12 from Mercedes, and reportedly 25 will be produced. The twin-turbo V12 produces 750 horsepower and just over 1,000 ft-lbs. of torque. Clearly straight line acceleration will not be a problem, though we shudder to think how the Phalcon would react to a series of slalom cones. The design is certainly striking, though we find it hard to draw much of a connection with the noble peragrine beyond the falcon-head hood ornament. The combination of a thin track width and extremely long hood remind one of the Maybach Exelero, and the one-piece windshield that extends all the away to the back of the car is a nice touch. You can check out more live shots of the Stola Phalcon over at the Straightline Blog, as well as a video of the car at Stola's website.

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