Nikola Tesla featured in DVD release of 'The Prestige'

Fans of the Tesla Roadster should check out the DVD of " The Prestige," which came out last week. As just about everyone knows, the roadster is named after 19th century scientist Nikola Tesla, inventor of the 3-phase AC induction motor that powers the roadster. A Tesla character, played by the enigmatic David Bowie (above), has a small but plot-twisting role in the movie. But don't believe everything you see about Tesla since this a mystery/sci-fi flick. As pointed out by Tesla Motors chief Martin Eberhard in one of his blogs, the movie shows a Tesla trick using incandescent light bulbs that were invented by his nemesis, Thomas Edison. Tesla invented florescent bulbs. Tesla's influence on the writer, director and actors in the movie is briefly addressed as part of a Director's Notebook in the Bonus Features section of the DVD. Titled "Tesla: The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century," the mini-documentary offers an insight into how Tesla's character influences the movie's captivating and puzzling plot. Don't let me spoil it for you, go rent it.

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