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Yikes, this is definitely one way to add a little more toughness to an S-10 Blazer. Our fellow blogomaniacs over at CarDomain found this unique dash treatment and reported on it yesterday. We bet that it would still pass under the radar of materials standards (if we had to guess, we'd say this falls under FMVSS 205). Of course, hot summer days sitting in the JumboMart parking lot with the windows up may lead to lots of delicious off-gassing, but damn if it doesn't look butch. The coating is Line-X, a spray-type bedliner, and CarDomain member BLAZED98 has done a nice job of applying the coating to his 1998 Blazer's dash bezel and the trim panels for the power windows. It's probably even got a nice soft-touch feel that's absent from the interior plastics those vehicles shipped with. As for Line-X's other marketing claims of impact protection and quieter ride, we wouldn't want to test the former, and the nifty stereo in the dash should deal with the latter nicely, anyway. We can't really call it abuse, per se, as it's a well-done spray job, and it does add a tough look to the dash. If GM starts Rhino-Lining the inside of the H3, we'll know where they got the idea from.

Thanks of for the tip, Greg!

[Source: CarDomain]

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