Let it snow: Ice Drag Races supplant luge as coolest winter sport

Ice racing has been around for a long time, but ice drag racing is fairly new. Well, new to us at least. The video accompanying the source article is incredible with a detailed overview of the sport and equipment. These things have 5,000 to 6,000 screws in each tire! There are also "Rubber" classes for street-tired vehicles, and at the top 140 mph bottle-fed supercharged dragsters. This particular frozen drag strip has been around since 1965, when the Merrill Ice Draggers started racing on Lake Alexander in Merrill, Wisconsin. The level of organization and the caliber of equipment used to stage these unique drag races boggles the mind.

Click through the read link for a video showing dragsters, muscle cars, and even a Gremlin trying to hustle down the icy 1/8 mile. As the Sentinel article tells us, Merrill Ice Draggers is a non-profit group that donates any surplus monies raised to local charities, including the Lincoln and Marathon County Humane Societies and Ronald McDonald House. Upcoming races are scheduled for Feb 17 and a benefit dance is also planned for March 31. Check out their website for more information.

[Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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