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Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki Swift X Concept

Among the other tunerific surprises that lined the booths of the Nippon Convention Center during the Tokyo Auto Salon, Suzuki displayed their Swift X Sport Concept. Of all the vehicles in Suzuki's lineup, the Swift is the one we'd love to see Stateside post haste, especially benefiting from some of its rally heritage. Although in standard guise, it's little more than a subcompact with all the sporting pretenses that the name implies, this concept brings a little bit of WRC flavor to the party.

The hood, splitter, fender flares and spoiler are all made of carbon fiber and if you can get beyond the podium-required underbody neon, Lambo doors and tri-tone hues, you'll be able to appreciate the 18-inch OZ wheels that frame four-piston Brembos. When AutoExpress asked one of the Suzuki reps what was under the hood, they only said, "Something rally-inspired." We'll just take their word for it.

In addition to a revised dash, on the inside, you'll find that the flimsy stock thrones have been replaced with racing buckets, complete with competition harnesses. Naturally, a show car can't leave the shop without some form of excessive ICE, so Suzuki found ten holes to fill with speakers inside the diminutive hatch.

Up until now, we've been wondering why Suzuki wasn't capitalizing on its participation (and domination) in the JWRC. The Swift X Concept remedies that problem easily.

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