Renault's new Twingo will be very close to concept

As we guessed when we saw it in Paris a few months ago, the concept Twingo that Renault showed was a bit flashier than what we expect the production version to be. What we didn't guess was how little changed it might end up being. Thanks to the artist rendering from What Car? above left, we can see that the production Twingo will likely look much like the concept at right. The side skirts and wheel arches have been dropped, and the front fascia toned down a bit. It definitely loses a bit of the sportiness of the show car, but still manages to look refined and fun.

We're not sure if the cool features like the frameless door glass or panoramic roof will make the jump to the street though, and the rest of the interior features are likely to differ from the concept, as well. In the concept, four bucket seats surrounded a center console that housed docks for electronic gadgets and an auxiliary USB port. The instrument pod was center-mounted, too. The concept also showed a TV and internet-enabled car PC. One thing we're fairly confident about though is that the production Twingo will be powered by a 100-hp, 1.2-liter turbo four that should make this supermini quite zippy.

[Source: What Car?]

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