Lotus drops knowledge on future vehicles and Esprit development

The folks over at Motor Authority were kind enough to make the most recent Lotus industry newsletter available. In the PDF document (click 'read' below to go to the site and download), Lotus goes into detail about the development of the upcoming Esprit and outlines what future models will bear the green and yellow shield.

Three vehicles in total will find their way to production over the course of the next several years, and, as expected, all of which will make use of alum-in-i-um to lighten the structure. The three vehicles, pictured above, include a mid-engine super car, a front-engine, RWD GT and the rumored 4x4, seven-seat crossover, all of which will share the same platform.

The articles themselves are well worth the read, even if you're not interested in Lotus itself, they provide some broad industry information and some interesting technical tidbits for the consummate gearhead.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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