Samuel L. Jackson rollin' in a Maybach of his own

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, whose extensive resume includes gigs as both Shaft and a Jedi Master (honestly, it doesn't get much cooler than that), was in Germany recently for the Bambi Awards, and while he was in country, he stopped by the Mercedes Museum for a tour and took a little extra time out with his wife, La Tanya, to order up a new Maybach.
Jackson appears to be a bit of a Mercedes guy, as he currently owns a new S-Class sedan and a vintage 280 SE convertible. They'll soon be joined in the garage by a 600+ hp Maybach 57S in Designo Mocca Black lacquer finish. According to Autokiste, he and his wife selected light beige leather with darker beige piping, light wood trim, and a roof-mounted solar panel (among other things) as they went through the car's extensive list of options.

The solar panel allows the car to cool itself when parked with the engine off. Frankly, we're surprised at that option selection, as we thought Samuel L Jackson's inherent coolness would obviate the need for such measures.

[Source: Autokiste]

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