Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet: Bad Boy Buggie EV helps hunters get their sneak on

We didn't know they made Power Wheels for adults until we saw Luxist's post on the Bad Boy Buggie. Powered by a pair of electric motors, the 4WD Bad Boy SUV (Silent Utility Vehicle) puts down 31 total horsepower (15.5 hp for each motor) and 170 lb-ft of torque. It's completely set up for hunters, who will surely appreciate the Bad Boy's silent operation, camouflage finish, go-anywhere versatility, trailer hitch, and capacity for 4 passengers and their gear.

The cart's power comes from eight, 6-volt batteries stored under the front bench seat. On a full charge, the rough-and-tumble EV has a range of up to 28 miles and a maximum speed of 17mph. It rides on a lifted suspension with knobby ATV tires, and can be decked out with options like a winch and a removable gun rack. Be afraid, Bambi. Be very afraid.

Full details, including an informative 10-minute video, can be found at the company's official website.

[Source: Bad Boy Buggie via Luxist]

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