Mitsubishi Delica D:5 minivan announced for Japan

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Mitsubishi has released the first photo and initial details of its upcoming Delica D:5 minivan for the Japanese market. The D:5 -- so named because this is the fifth generation of the vehicle -- is the last of three planned new products for FY 2006, the other two being the new eK Wagon and Pajero. The Delica is a traditional minivan with seating for eight and a clean, boxy appearance that's easy on the eyes. The "skid plate" look up front and black lower body cladding are tip-offs that the Delica D:5 is also designed to handle some soft-roading, thanks to the AWD system the van's 2.4L MIVEC engine is connected to. It arrives in early 2007, and we'll bring you more details when Mitsubishi officially launches it.

One final observation: you know it's a JDM model when the press release states that the Delica was designed to "fuse the comfort of a minivan with the powerful performance of an SUV" without having the word "crossover" appear anywhere in the statement. Can you imagine the tortured verbiage we'd have to sift through if a North American PR-type had to present this vehicle to us?

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[Source: Mitsubishi Motors]

New Mitsubishi Motors mono-box minivan to be branded "Delica D:5"

Tokyo, October 30 2006- Mitsubishi Motors today announced that its new mono-box minivan will be branded the "Delica D:5" (pronounced "dee five") for launch in the Japan market early in 2007.

Mitsubishi Motors' plans for FY2006 included three new model launches in its domestic market. The first was the double launch of the new eK Wagon and eK Sports in September 2006, and the second was the new Pajero in October 2006. Both have been a big hit with customers, and further success is expected with the Delica D:5, the third of the planned model launches.

The D:5 name derives from this being the fifth generation Delica in a series that began when Mitsubishi Motors led the mono-box market by launching its first model in 1968. The Delica D:5 has been developed to "fuse the comfort of a minivan with the powerful performance of an SUV," in a new model with three specific product characteristics:

- Spacious interior that can seat 8 in comfort, with a wide variety of utility features,
- Strong body structure with comprehensive safety fittings and great environmental performance,
- High all-round performance, on-road and off-road, thanks to a 2.4L MIVEC engine mated to an electronically controlled 4WD system.

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