eBay Finds of the Day: Scary movie cars

With Halloween just around the corner, wouldn't you love showing up at this year's parties in a car or van from one of Hollywood's creepy classics? Something like a Rob Zombie Cadillac Eldorado convertible that was shot up in the climactic scene of the Devil's Rejects, maybe? So what if it was later refurbished and driven by Billy Bob Thornton in the Bad New Bears? Maybe the Dodge van so prominently featured in the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be more your style? Complete with a chainsaw rip in the roof! How about the ultimate scary car in cinema history? Christine, her bad self. The car that nothing or nobody could destroy. Makes a Hummer look like an eggshell by comparison. Might even reduce your insurance rates with the high indestructibility quotient.
The Volo Auto Museum and auction house has scared up these three gory vehicles and placed them on eBay with a closing bid date that should assure you get them before Halloween. Bidding is open now for items 170033211331 (Christine), 170033214132 (Chainsaw Massacre van), and 170033221014 (Zombie Eldorado), and closes October 11. Current bids are $25,258.58 for the 1958 Fury that was one of at least 14 Christines used in the movie. The Chainsaw Massacre Dodge is at a more palatable $2,026.00. The Eldorado is the bargain of the bunch with a current high bid of just $515.00, even though it includes an ashtray full of Billy Bob's cigar butts! Go figure.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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