Bentley hits the 10,000 mark

The resurgence of Bentley Motors under the Volkswagen Group is nothing short of astonishing. In 2003, the storied marque sold 995 cars. This year, they are set to hit the 10,000 mark. Think about that. In three years, the company has managed to increase sales by 10 times. It should be noted that Bentley is unlikely to shoot for anything much higher than 10,000 in order to maintain the exclusivity it enjoys as a super-premium brand. That said, Bentley will continue to develop and release new products that will help it maintain its current pace.

The Volkswagen Group's acquisition of Bentley has enabled the luxury automaker to increase production and sales dramatically without compromising the hand-built nature that gives the brand such prestige and mystique. It's a perfect example of what a lower-volume automaker can do when given the ability to leverage the larger corporate parent's existing mechanicals and technology while maintaining the traditions that give it its identity.

All the beauty, luxury and performance remain. There's just more to go around.

[Source: Caradisiac]

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