Erin Brockovich to show off emissions reducing magnets at SEMA

Famed environmental bulldog Erin Brockovich who also acts as vice president of environmental affairs at Save the World Air Inc. (STWA) will be showing off two of the company's emissions reducing and fuel saving product lines at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association( SEMA) show.
According to STWA's website, ECOChargR and MAGChargR both use STWA's Zero Emission Fuel Saver (ZEFS) technology which incorporates magnets to bring a molecular change in gasoline or diesel before combustion, facilitating a change in viscosity and surface tension. Using ZEFS, the engine is capable of producing a more efficient burn significantly lowering the emissions of HC, NOx and CO. The ECOChargR is designed to reduce harmful emissions while the MAGChargR maximizes fuel savings and performance when using ZEFS.

I hadn't heard of using magnets to reduce hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide until I read this press release, but apparently there's something to it. STWA claims that in certified laboratory testing, ZEFS has reduced air pollution by as much as 85 percent; improved power by 19 percent; and enhanced fuel efficiency up to 33 percent.

So far, STWA has received orders from Motorcycle Products Consulting Inc. and Golden Allied Enterprise Group, its exclusive distributor in China.

[Source: Save The World Air Inc. via Yahoo News]

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