Daedalus concept re-imagines the family car

The Royal College of Art's 2006 award for Best Overall Concept Car has been won by 24 year-old Jonathan Punter, for his Daedalus family car. The radical concept also captured the Best Design Interpretation Award.

In the catalog for the RCA's annual Summer Show, Punter describes the approach to design that led to the Daedalus: "I look to encourage positive interactions between people who share space and experiences, also examining the interface between user and technology. This is reflected in my choice of major project entitled Future Family Automotive. Exploring biomimetric design principles, I aspire to create a socially responsive interior that functions in the way plants are environmentally responsive... intuitive, and positive."

Punter, whose studies are sponsored by Bentley Motors, says the Daedalus design is inspired by the way in which a flower reacts to its environment. Thus the electrochromic transparent body panels can be darkened to respond to sunlight (and to provide privacy), and the seats rotate to foster a family environment. In a nice touch, the child seats can be removed and transformed into a stroller.

[Source: Artvps via carbodydesign.com]

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