META GALLERY: 2006 British Motor Show


The 2006 British Motor Show is going on in London's Excel Center on the banks of the River Thames, so we decided to assemble a meta gallery of shots from the show in case you don't happen to be in the neighborhood. Shots of interest include more angles of the Arash AF10, the woolen Ferrari of Lauren Porter, the Caparo T1 and the 1005-bhp Barabus TKR shown above.

Let us know in the comments if we're missing any good galleries of the 2006 British Motor Show out on the web.

WorldCarFans - not many but includes nice write up by Nick Hall, second collection promised soon
World Car Fans 2 - second gallery with Nick Hall commentary, contains 270-mph Barabus TKR supercar
PistonHeads 1 - not very many, but there's a second one below
PistonHeads 2 - again, not many but decent selection of supercars and oddities - the largest collection, four pages of the best shots
PopularScience - 11-shot slideshow, many green machines

UPDATE 1 - added PopularScience
UPDATE 2 - added WorldCarFans 2

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