Biodiesel industry growing quickly, perhaps too quickly?

There are technologies that may be cleaner and sexier than biodiesel (think cellulostic ethanol or solar-powered EVs), but none of them are available yet. Biodiesel is available here and now, of course, without too much trouble in most areas and since it is cleaner than other energy sources on tap today while not requiring (much) engine modification, biodiesel has found a lot of converts in the past year. This is contributing to some "growing pains" in the biodiesel industry, according to Joel Glatz, vice president of Frontier Energy. While the "biodiesel industry is in its infancy" eventually, "biodiesel and bioheat blends will be available at most terminal racks" he writes. It will just take some work getting there, and we can expect a lot of volatility until we do.
[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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