Tomato ANP Kia Sorento

Yes Virginia, there is a Kia tuner

Tomato Auto & Product Design
, also known as Tomato ANP, produces aftermarket accessories for the South Korean and other Asian auto markets. You've probably seen a Tomato body kit on a Tiburon here in the States, as many members of the Hyundai Nation like to rock their Tibs with some KDM pieces from the peninsula. We rely on Paul Tan's blog to keep us updated on what's trendy over on the east side of the world, and we recently discovered this Tomato kit for a Kia Sorento. We're just stunned a bit because we're not used to seeing a Sorento doing its best impression of a Brabus M-Class. As a matter of fact, it's a pretty sharp looking Sorento, especially the quad tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper and the extra wide fenders.

Check out a shot of the rear after the jump and more pics at Paul Tan's website.


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