Tesla Roadster pics are out there

That didn't take long. Despite the embargo on publishing Tesla material until 12:00 AM EST, the dam has broken and information and images of the Tesla Roadster have flooded the internet tonight. We'll credit Wired for starting the deluge, as this gallery of live images has been online for a while now.

You may notice how much the Tesla Roaster look like a Lotus Elise. If you read Wired's article on the Tesla, you'll learn that a Lotus designer penned the Tesla Roadster's shape and that the English sportscar maker will be the one assembling Martin Eberhard's baby. As a matter of fact, Tesla Motors hired away so many Lotus engineers and executives that it was forced to sign a "no-poaching agreement" if it wanted the British-based automaker to build its cars.

As mentioned earlier, we'll have information, images and video from the Tesla unveiling later tonight.

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[Source: Wired]

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