Want to Design Your Own Green Car? Get a Spot on Ford's New Reality TV Show.

As part of their "Bold Move" ad campaign, Ford Motor Company announced on Wednesday its plans to shop a new TV reality show to studio execs. The concept: average Americans working together with professional auto designers to create the next Ford dream car. Granted, the maker of the Mustang, the Expedition, and the F-350 isn't known for its green car technology, but that's the whole point--drivers get to design this one.
Ford, a sponsor of TV's wildly popular American Idol, is no stranger to reality TV. As slumping sales and increased interest in foreign cars have left the quintessential American car company's financial status shaky at best, the company is looking to make major changes to make Americans want to drive Fords again. Building the world's cleanest and greenest SUV is, in my admittedly biased mind, a good start in what's still an America that likes to do things bigger and louder than the rest of the world. Perhaps this is a case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Think I'll have to sing in order to try for a spot on the panel?

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