In words that echo Democrat John Kerry's failed rally cry, "Hope is on the way," Volvo has a new mantra for its dealership body: "Hang on, help is on the way." But unlike the former's unsuccessful presidential bid, the Swedish company claims it has a concrete plan to bring success and profitability to its dealer body-- and not just to parent company Ford's coffers.

That plan, according to Automotive News is best embodied in the tin-top C70 convertible introduced in Frankfurt. The pretty two-door, set to base at about $40,000 is to be the Swedish brand's halo car. In order to get the word out about the C70, Volvo will once again turn to a national electronic (read: Internet) and print campaign starting in a couple of months. While this is essentially S.O.P. for Volvo these days, the outgoing, slow-selling C70 softop never really benefited from a full-on marketing push, so this appears to be good news for all those involved.

A bit further down the road, Volvo's flagship 2007 S80 should also go a long way toward assuaging its troubled dealers, as the sedan is likely to be one of the brand's highest-margin offerings, and the pending C30 hatch figures to expand the brand's appeal to a younger demographic.

[Source: The Automotive News]

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