A recent Detroit News piece questions if Chrysler’s past success over the last two years is coming to an end. The evidence cited is the rising number of vehicles languishing unsold across Chrysler’s dealer network. Last month, for instance, Chrysler required about 82 days to sell a vehicle, much longer than the industry average of 58 days according to the article. Plus there’s that whole incentive thing that’s reared its ugly head again in 2006. Chrysler is now offering more money per vehicle to buyers than any other automaker, even offering $1,000 on the 300 in some markets.

The resolution to this growing concern of excess inventory appears to be cutting production, which Joe Eberhardt, the Chrysler Group’s executive VP of marketing, admitted was a possibly on Wednesday at the Chicago Auto Show. Don’t fret for Chrysler, however, as 2006 will see 10 new models launched, which should pull a few extra people into the showroom.

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