Mercedes McLaren P8 back on again?

With Mercedes Benz and its F1-partner McLaren becoming cozier than ever, folks are wondering how their relationship will bear fruit off the F1 track. Based on a quote from McLaren’s director Martin Whitmarsh in which he states it is “increasingly likely there will be a range of sports cars in Woking [McLaren’s manufacturing headquarters] in the future,” Autoweek has gone and speculated that the Mercedes P8 mid-engine supercar is back in full development.

The development of the P8 was put on hold due to cost cutting measures last year, but Autoweek seems adamant its back on and will be launched in 2008. Its sources say that the P8’s originally planned AMG 6.3L, 510-hp V8 is being replaced by an AMG 6.0L, 600-hp-plus turbo V8.

We tend to agree with our buddy Ashley over at eMercedesBenz that Autoweek may be reaching a bit on this one. Mercedes Benz has made no public comments on any future road vehicle being jointly developed with McLaren and Mr. Whitmarsh’s statement is vague and never mentions the P8 specifically. Autoweek cites “Stuttgart insiders” as its sources, so who knows?

[via eMercedesBenz and Autoweek]

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