Ford-owned Volvo is facing some tough choices on what direction to take ithe production version of its C30 Concept, in the U.S. marketplace. The main reason, according to Volvo executives, is because Americans, have proven reluctant to purchase small, premium vehicles, such as the BMW 318ti and Saab 9-2. However, offerings like BMW's MINI prove that U.S. consumers are willing to pay extra for a charistmatic, upscale small car.

Three choices currently be mulled over include:
  • Positioning the C30 as an entry-level luxury vehicle for around $23,000.
  • Equipping the C30 with a turbocharged, five-cylinder engine (instead of a four-banger) and raising the price to $25,000.
  • Selling an all-wheel-drive C30 fully equipped for $30,000.
Volvo plans to roll out the production C30 sometime early next year. Projected U.S. sales are 12,000 units annually.

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