Chrysler Group's Tom LaSorda wants to keep the dollar value low

And here we were lamenting the cheap US dollar because it's one of the main things preventing BMW from bringing us the 1-series...

Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda urged the government to intervene to keep the value of the US dollar low in order to help US products compete in the global market. His call, made from the podium of the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, argued that the US government keeping the dollar cheap would put US companies on the same playing field as Japan, whose government weakens the yen in order to accomplish business goals that have nothing to do with  "products, quality, productivity or any of the other attributes that we use to define competitiveness." The call echoes a complaint made by General Motors' Rick Wagoner in December about unfair trading practices, particularly that of Japan's long-term weakening of the yen.

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