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Autoblog Podcast #20 - the Megacast

We covered so much at this year's 2006 Detroit auto show that there was an endless list of topics to talk about on this podcast. We call it the Megacast because it clocks in at a lengthy 1:32:17. Oh yeah, but it'll be worth it. We promise.
Joining me on this podcast is fellow journalist Chris Paukert, who was one of my companions at the show along with Erin Mays. Chris and I spend the show dissecting the automakers that made the biggest impact and throwing out our $.02 about who made the grade and who failed miserably.

Seriously, we recorded this thing twice trying to get the length down, and it ended up being the same length both times. When there's so much good stuff to talk about, sometimes you just can't stop. Enjoy.

Check out the file directly here, or subscribe to the Autoblog podcast in the Podcast Directory of iTunes. Just do a search for Autoblog and you'll find us.

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