Top Gear America in the works by Discovery Channel

We all noticed the conspicuous absence of Top Gear on the Discovery Channel after the show enjoyed a short stint on the channel. According to a recent article in the last issue of Top Gear, the show’s disappearance was due in large part to the fact that DC began shooting a pilot for an American version of Top Gear. The U.S. version differs from the original U.K. in a few areas, including three new hosts, a studio in which to film and a proper track around which to punish autos. The always affable and enigmatic Stig, however, was flown in to conduct Power Laps for the show with a CLS55, Charger and Mustang.

It’s great that DC thinks enough of Top Gear, as we all do, to go ahead with a project like this, but we fear there are many pitfalls on the way to pulling it off and we could wind up with horribly over-produced version of the original. (American Iron Chefs, anyone?) We were pleased just fine with the U.K. version we got, even if they did haul Jeremy, Richard and James into the sound booth to re-record bits of audio to make the show less insulting to Americans.

Whatever, if you’re down with torrenting you can find nearly every episode of the show at this page over at Enjoy.

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