The 6.0L Power Stroke diesel Ford debuted in 2002 has been riddled with problems since the get-go. In particular, Ford medium- and heavy-duty pickups from model year 2003 and 2004 have been affected by the troublesome engine, and the issue has cost Ford money in the form of abnormally high numbers of warranty repairs, as well as a serious blow to the "Built Ford Tough" image.
Autoweek reports that Ford has been sued 58 times over the engine and in the first nine months of 2005 warranty costs at the company have gone up by $500 million. The 6.0L Power Stroke, which is built by supplier International Truck and Engine Corp., has been partially redesigned, though still remains an extremely complex unit that technicians are struggling to deal with.

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Ford has issued 77 technical service bulletins for the Power Stroke diesel since 2002, while in comparison GM has issued only eight for its Duramax diesel and Dodge has issued none for its diesel powerplant.

The Power Stroke diesel sold in today?s super-duty pickups has a much better reliability record than those found in 2003 and 2004 models, however Autoweek estimates that Ford has sold more than 384,000 pickups with potentially defective engines.

Has any Autoblog readers had a first hand experience with a faulty Power Stroke diesel from Ford? We?d be interested to know how Ford has handled your case and if you?d buy another Ford pickup in the future.

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