British weekly Auto Express is claiming in its most recent issue that Aston Martin is developing an RS version of its V8 Vantage that will have a stripped out interior, tuned engine and stiffer suspension. Auto Express has lots of details, including the extreme lengths to which Aston Martin will go to reduce weight that include composite body panels, a carbon fiber roof and 19-inch wheels made out of magnesium. All in all the Vantage RS will weigh around 330 lbs. less than the standard V8 Vantage putting it at 3,130 lbs. The car's 4.3L V8 will also see a boost in power to 420 hp and the company will even make a roll cage optional equipment. This track master won't go on sale until at least 2007 and will likely have a heavy price tag -  around $156,000US.
[Thanks Noah for the tip]

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