Remember when Toyota's chairman, Hiroshi Okuda, announced that the company could raise its prices in the U.S. to help the Big 3? Later it was learned the world's #2 automaker feared a backlash caused by its success competing with U.S. domestic automakers. While most experts (and readers of Autoblog) dismissed the notion, Toyota apparently still takes it seriously.

Despite our report earlier today about a possible manufacturing plant in Michigan, the company is still debating whether it should add a new production line to its San Antonio factory, despite the fact that Toyota's current production capacity is already strained even after doubling employment at its other domestic facilities.

So the San Antonio plant continues to build its Tundra and other vehicles. While erring to the side of caution is admirable, maybe it's time for the company to stop cruising and put the pedal down (preferably in a new IS450.)

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