Since most of us aren't as old in years as the automakers we've come to revere, we also enjoy when a company puts together a nice synopsis of its history in digestible bite-sized chunks. Autoblog reader min pointed us to Honda new site called The Power of Dreams. It's a great romp through Honda history that includes presentations on such perennial Honda products as the NSX, S2000, Gold Wing, and ATV. There's also an accompanying TV ad featuring some schlub who begins his day on Honda's little Monkey Bike and ends it in a Honda hot air balloon that signifies the company's commitment to aviation. The ad is set to the tune "To Dream the Impossible Dream" and voice over at the end is provided by a guy whose voice is a dead ringer for Garrison Keillor. If it were, Mr. Keillor would be cheating on his current partner in promotion, Toyota.

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