You know a blogger's sleep deprived when his titles start rhyming, but I had to post on this bit of news before my head hit the pillow. Inside Line is reporting that Porsche will ask its shareholders in January to amend the company's statutes to allow foreign acquisitions. What does this mean? Basically Porsche is asking its shareholders for the company credit card to go shopping around the world for more brands to buy.
Porsche already purchased a 20% chunk of VW this year, but apparently its business plan for the years ahead involve branching out beyond its borders. No one knows if and when Porsche will attempt to purchase a stake, controlling or otherwise, in another automaker, but it's fun to speculate who could end up in the company's shopping cart. Will it go slumming for an economy brand or try to add a venerable luxury marque to its portfolio? What's our best guess? Off the top of our heads, Saab. What's yours?

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