It's not exactly a big shock to anybody, we're sure, but unfortunately, November vehicle sales for the Big 3 are predicted to be only slightly better than they were in October, and it wasn't really all that hard to do. Value pricing lasted a pitiful month and a half before the incentives creeped back into the mix, and while we'll have to wait until later this week or early next for official word from the manufacturers, Goldman Sachs & Co. predicts November light vehicle sales to total out at 16 million units, a 5 percent drop over this time last year.
Hate to say this, guys, but even when you take a bit of the hair off the dog that bit you (aka incentives), the hangover will eventually catch up with you. The employee discounts pulled ahead sales well into next year, and it will take more than a big glass of water and a few Advil to cure this one.

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