Autoblog reader Joel sent us over a link to mechanic Doug Flint's most recent and hilarious contribution to The Car Connection — "What Real Men Drive." Flint says forget the F-350s and pimped out HUMMER H2s, Real Men drive the International Scout and the Chevrolet El Camino. Only a tractor maker like International Harvester could make something as rugged as the Real Men driving them, according to Flint. Regarding the latter, Flint says, "the Chevy El Camino radiates testosterone to such a degree that women are universally repulsed by it." I would have to agree — the second I read the words El and Camino together in the same sentence, the next word out of my mouth was "gross."

Check it out — it's worth a read. Now I'm just eagerly awaiting "What Real Women Drive" by TCC's Cargirl.

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