Last time we posted on the K40 Remote Bluetooth Enabled Calibre Radar and Laser Protection System there were a few people out there who questioned the manufacturers advertised claims how well the product protected against radar and laser detection. Though I haven't verified it was in response to those comments, K40 went out and hired Speed Measurement Laboratories to perform an impartial field test of the Calibre's radar receiver. The results, as I can attest to as I've had the system installed on my own car for a couple months now, are on par or above industry standards.
SML used the same testing procedures it used in its Annual Radar Test held last June when K40 had not yet released the Calibre. SML has published its report (pdf and html) and concludes that the Calibre's performance is "unwavering and accurate on all radar frequencies used by police." While many of us aren't able to raise the capital to own a K40 system, at least we know when the dough does start rolling in that we'll get what we pay for.

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